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R. B. Zack & Associates Fact Sheet

Here is most of the pertinent information you might need when considering R.B. Zack & Associates, Inc. as your application development partner.


R. B. Zack & Associates, Inc.
23844 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 101
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 303-3320

Primary Business

Design, development, implementation, integration, maintenance, and support of custom business software.

Description of Business

RBZ&A specializes in the development of custom applications for business.  Previous experience includes the development of data-intensive eCommerce, eBusiness, PC and client server-based applications.  Many of the solutions include database design and development, integration of financial systems, and/or calculation of complex data such as royalties and compensation.  Learn more about R. B. Zack & Associates, Inc.


RBZ&A has been in business since 1981.  Early experience with mid-range and mini computer systems has evolved over the years to include current technologies built to work with Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.  Learn more about RBZ&A’s history.

Web Development

RBZ&A provides full-service web application development, B2B, e-commerce, portal and intranet solutions.  Learn more about RBZ&A’s web development capabilities

Application Design and Development

RBZ&A uses its business and technical expertise to develop applications that accommodate and automate business processes, as opposed to forcing businesses to modify their processes to fit their software.  Learn more about RBZ&A’s application development skills.

Conversions and Migrations

RBZ&A has extensive experience with both mainframe and client server technology.  This experience coupled with an in-depth understanding makes RBZ&A uniquely qualified to migrate older systems onto newer platforms or to integrate the disparate systems. Learn more about RBZ&A's conversion and sytem integration expertise.

Support, Maintenance, and Upgrades

RBZ&A provides onsite and offsite support, maintenance, and upgrade services.  Learn more about RBZ&A’s services.


In addition to services, R. B. Zack & Associates has built a number of applications which can be tailored to individual clients.  Learn more about RBZ&A’s product offerings.

Client Industries

R.B. Zack & Associates, Inc. has executed projects in industries such as entertainment, real estate, food and beverage, fashion, research, mining, healthcare, textiles and others.  See examples of RBZ&A’s clients.

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Languages We Speak

Not only is R. B. Zack & Associates a premier software partner, we are also multilingual and fluent in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Pilipino/Tagalog
  • Farsi
  • Hindi, Gujarati
  • Authorize.Net Certified Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Partner