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Database Design and Development: The Base to Build Upon

Like a good house, a strong business application needs to be built on a solid foundation.  Part of that foundation is a properly architected database solution.  The right database has to be structured properly in order for the application to work efficiently – or at all for that matter.  This is true whether you are building a new application from scratch, migrating from an old system to a new one or integrating two or more existing applications.

R. B. Zack & Associates, Inc. has been working with business-grade database solutions for decades, and has developed a proven methodology for analyzing, designing and developing relational databases.  Our experienced project managers can guide you through the process from requirements gathering to the actual implementation of your database and business solution.

Database Design and Development Process
  • Analyzing business process and defining business requirements
  • Preparing detail design specifications
  • Planning the resources available and scheduling timelines
  • Developing initial design/prototype for client's review
  • Incorporating the review and developing the database application
  • Testing components and integrated system
  • Preparing installation files and final deliverables
  • Providing Technical support/documentation on the final deliverables
  • Maintaining/upgrading the database application based on further business requirements


Database Design and Development Process

Our database design and development services are targeted both for small data entry display or a complex integrated system application such as metals trading services, inventory management, and music royalty, or financial services.  We also assist you in selecting the right technology and the right platform for designing and developing database application that will meet the long term vision of your company.

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