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Case Studies

Our goal is to be able to use every project and client as a reference. Case studies are an important way for us to share the mutual successes we have achieved alongside our clients. Here are some examples of those successes:
  • A-Mark Creates State-of-the-Art Trading System

    A-Mark is a full service precious metals trading wholesaler. They wanted to make enhancements to their trading system to help facilitate their growth. Unfortunately their system was not designed in a way that would easily allow those changes. Here's what happened when they called RBZ&A.

  • AftraZ: Music-Industry Standard AFTRA Calculator

    The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) is responsible for collecting payments from Record Labels whenever a member makes or sells a recording. These payments are based on contracts that get renewed and revised on a bi-annual basis. The Recording industry needed a payment calculator that would allow them to rewrite the calculations every time a new contract was approved. It also needed to be easy to use by the Record Labels. See what happened when RBZ&A was called upon for help.

  • LACMA Uses Web 2.0 for Worldwide Collaboration

    Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) serves the public through the collection, conservation, exhibition, and interpretation of significant works of art. In order to create educational content for the works in their collection, LACMA requires a collaborative effort. See how RBZ&A helped this world class museum and their contributors from around the globe work together.

  • Caché Metals Client and Trading Portal

    Web-based client portal and trading system.

  • Precious Metals eCommerce Site

    Gold and Silver Online (GASO) offers a variety of gold and silver bullion and coins from their eCommerce site. GASO offers very competitive prices on these products and takes orders 24 hours a day. GASO prices closely follow wholesale metal pricing and adjust dynamically with the market.

  • FuelTrac Technician Service Application

    SunWest Engineering Constructors, Inc. is the leading source for companies requiring professional fuel tank expertise with commitment and efficiency in all phases of the service monitoring, maintenance and repair complex compliance and innovative design.

  • Advantage Metal Advisors Trading System

    Florida-based Advantage Metal Advisors (AMA) is a precious metals dealer and advisor who manages client portfolios of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, bullion, coins and physical copper. AMA made a strategic decision to create their own back-office system with features for managing their clients’ funds, trades, transactions and reports. Read what happened when they called RBZ&A to build their system.

  • LACC After-School Program Portal

    The LA Conservation Corps was founded in 1986 by former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Trade Ambassador Mickey Kantor. LACC’s primary mission and purpose is to provide at-risk young adults and school-aged youth with opportunities for success through job skills training, education and work experience with an emphasis on conservation and service projects that benefit the community. LACC is currently the largest urban conservation corps in the nation with a full-time staff of over 150 employees who serve

  • Intelligent digital business card

    ideal!360, LLC is a non-traditional marketing firm delivering industry changing products and services to a variety of verticals. Through a tight integration of technology, established marketing principals and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ideal!360 provides innovative products that are unparalleled in the industry.

  • North American Royalty System

    Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, peermusic has been a major independent music publisher for over eighty years . peermusic has offi ces in 29 countries managing an extensive catalog of artists and writers.

  • LA Opera Rebuilds Ticketing System

    Los Angeles Opera is the nation’s fourth largest opera company. LA Opera caters to educators with unique subscription packages that were not easily accommodated in their off-the-shelf package, so they needed to make some substantial changes to their website ticketing application. Read what happened when they called RBZ&A in search of a solution.

  • LACMA Makes Buying Easier

    Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) came to the web at a very early stage. Unfortunately, they came from different departments at different times with different development teams. What they ended up with was a disconnected web presence that did not serve they're members well. Read about how RBZ&A consolidated their efforts into a seamless web presence.

  • Gehr Industries eCommerce Store

    Gehr’s Milspec Direct engages in the sale of electrical and industrial supplies through eCommerce. They already had a web presence but they had no administrative access to their site and relied on their slow-to-respond web host for changes. Here's what happened when they turned to RBZ&A for some help.

  • FuelTrac Administration System

    SunWest Engineering Constructors, Inc. is the leading source for companies requiring professional fuel tank expertise with commitment and efficiency in all phases of the service monitoring, maintenance and repair complex compliance and innovative design.

  • Volunteer Information Management System

    Assistance League of Southern California (ALSC) is a nonprofit organization that provides a broad range of essential human services and economic development activities to low and moderate income residents in the greater Los Angeles area. They manage a database of volunteers who can be deployed in an emergency and were having trouble getting the system up and running. Then they called RBZ&A for help.

  • ARC Migrates Its Core Business Application

    Alliance Resource Consulting (ARC) is a nationally-known recruiting firm specializing in placing executives in municipalities, public sector companies and non-profit organizations. Their candidate tracking system, which is core to their business, was growing in features and becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. ARC determined that they needed a stronger IT team than the one they had in place and decided to give RBZ&A a call. Read about what happened next.

  • ICC eCommerce Store

    ICC is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential network and structure cabling solutions with competitive quality and pricing. ICC is an ISO 9001 certified company with diverse and highly qualified personnel working to the highest standards.

  • CMA Industrial Tire Portal for Dealers

    Southern California-based China Manufacturers Alliance (CMA) unites major tire manufacturers in China under a cooperative alliance. The CMA product lines include tires ranging from Light Truck to Off the Road Agricultural and Industrial tires. CMA has photos, warranties and specification documents for each of the manufacturers and lines. Tires are sold to customers in the American and European tire marketplaces.

  • FuelTrac Client Portal

    SunWest Engineering Constructors, Inc. is the leading source for companies requiring professional fuel tank expertise with commitment and efficiency in all phases of the service monitoring, maintenance and repair complex compliance and innovative design.

  • Website Replatform

    Founded in 1999, LivHOME has become one of the nation’s largest providers of professionally led at-home care for seniors. LivHOME was already on the web, but they were gearing up for expansion and were having trouble with their slow-to-respond development team. They determined that the time had come for them to seek a more robust development team. That's when they called RBZ&A.

  • eIDtag ® Proto-Type

    Will Communications is the leading installer of business telephone systems in Los Angeles, California. They are certified dealers for the Panasonic KX-NCP, KX-TDE and KX-TDA IP PBX. They offer solutions for VoIP, voice mail, automated attendants, call accounting software, and more.

  • MegaPath Customer Portal Reporting

    MegaPath is North America’s leading provider of managed IP communications services. Their customers include British Telecom, AT&T, and others. The portals that they provided to their client's for their client's end users were becoming difficult to manage. That's why they called RBZ&A.

  • Intellikey Labs QA System

    Intellikey Labs has provided quality assurance (QA) testing for optical and digital media content since 1997. They cater to the world’s top entertainment, media, manufacturing and software companies. Unfortunately, their QA system had quality issues of its own. They turned to RBZ&A to analyze their system and to determine ways to make it better. Here's what we did.

  • Paragon Laboratories Quote tracking System

    Paragon Laboratories develops, manufactures and packages pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements for its clients. They developed a very good spreadsheet to help them track quotes to their customers. It worked so well that soon everyone needed access to the spreadsheet at the same time. Before long, multiple versions of the document were circulating around the company. They decided to call RBZ&A to see what could be done.

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